HybridCheckout converts annoying waiting time in stores into multi-billion Euro/Dollar savings and an improved customer experience.

HybridCheckout is the world's fastest supermarket and grocery checkout line. The customers' checkout twice as fast and the stores cut their cost in half.

HybridCheckout is backed by a very strong team of six business professionals and several advisors.

The global market is groceries and supermarkets, where HybridCheckout replace less efficient checkouts.

The HybridCheckout product is manufacturing ready and any funds will be used to build sales and market presence.

HybridCheckout already has a strong traction from retailer and press interest.

More than $300K has been invested in HybridCheckout so far.

The current owners are seeking a standard 2-5 years exit strategy.

From patents, disrupting a very competitive business area and a strong team, HC shall give its owners high margin multi-billion Euro/Dollar revenue.

We welcome investors to contact us to discuss a major investment opportunity.