FAQ - Manufacturers


What is the channel strategy for HybridCheckout?

We provide licenses to manufacture the HybridCheckout counter in a given country or territory.

What are the benefits for us?

HybridCheckout is a new solution that allows for major cost savings and improved customer experience. This will ensure a market demand and the opportunity to achieve sales to new and existing customers. The unique HybridCheckout advantages and a beneficial market position received from a license agreement, may allow for increased sales and profits.

How may we become a licensed manufacturer?

Please contact us via email, phone og by using the contact form. We will then contact you, in order to discuss the opportunity at hand. As demand and interest is growing rapidly, we strongly recommend that you do contact us rather soon.

What kind of technology capability is required on our hand?

In addition to the capability needed to manufacture the physical checkout counter, you will need some basic capability in the area of installing sensors, switches and a control unit in the counter. We may provide all details regarding how this may be designed and implemented.

What may we expect from HybridCheckout?

We may support you with advice regarding design, technical details, software integration and other issues related to manufacturing and sales. As we will have the same interest as you to succeed with the retail customers, we will consider any effort required to win the deals.