FAQ - Retailers


Where can I buy HybridCheckout?

Please contact us to get a list of applicable suppliers in your region. If you already have one or more preferred checkout counter suppliers, please let us know. We may then assist in getting HybridCheckout delivered to you via your preferred supplier.

What does a HybridCheckout counter cost?

HybridCheckout prices are set by each supplier and there's no fixed price for the purchase.

May we continue using our current EPOS system?

In most cases yes, but the EPOS system will need to be upgraded to support HybridCheckout and a new version of the software is required. Please let us know your preferred EPOS providers, as we may assist in getting your current software upgraded to support HybridCheckout.

What is the best implementation strategy?

Planning should as usual be carried out with respect to several factors, and our manufacturing partners and/or your in-house implementation expertise will be your best source of information and project support.

Some of the most important considerations are:
EPOS software support
Checkout area planning
Payment solutions
Checkout process options
Cashier training
Customer support

Is the HybridCheckout technology very complex?

No! The HybridCheckout counter design and working principle is heavily based on having most logic and controls taking place in computer software and the physical design may in fact be simpler than the traditional checkout counters you have installed.

What about fruit, cheese and items that needs weighing?

Typically the Cashier will scan using his or hers scale all items that need to be weighed, obsoleting any scale cheating issues by design.

What about alcohol, tobaccos and restricted articles?

Such items would need an attendant to approve the purchase in any self-service checkout, but HybridCheckout allows for any such items to be scanned directly and approved by the cashier regardless of which sale the cashier is scanning at any time. This ensures increased sales and customers need not face non-desired control attention from "coming soon" attendants. Also, theft issues are minimized.

What about the need for random basket checks and control weighing of articles?

These issues are mostly eliminated when using HybridCheckout. Still it would be possible to add any such measures in the same way as for self-serviced checkouts if preferred.