FAQ - Software suppliers


What are the benefits for us?

By providing superior HybridCheckout software, your company may get an important advantage to become a preferred supplier to retail customers looking for the best software for their new HybridCheckout systems.

Superior software in this context includes the traditional EPOS features, but may also include a superior customer user interface and a new breed of EPOS customer loyalty features. Be prepared to add a number of useful pitches to your sales message.

How complex is the implementation?

The complexity depends on your current software, local regulations and the level of features required by the retailers and customers. Most software suppliers that already have features like "sales or order parking" in the software platform will find the implementation easy. Any EPOS software that does not have support for multiple pending or parked sales will typically need to implement this together with the HybridCheckout features support. In addition to the user interface changes, the application typically will need to include a driver to control output devices like LED lights, speakers, conveyors, activator an sensors.

How are you able to have two touch screens active at the same time?

We have developed a proprietary hardware and software combination to support multiple touch monitors returning input to the same application and two or more Windows(tm) Forms at the same time. Our developer kit and support can be purchased and will then enable you to implement the same support in your application. We may also provide you with the required touch monitors for your development and testing. Limited software support may apply, depending on your development platform and source code access.

What kind of resources and assistance is available?

Ask us directly! We may provide a developer's kit, support, code snippets, architectural advice, hardware interface information, hardware design recommendations, API code examples or actual programming resources.