Cashier presence


As HybridCheckout is a serviced checkout the customer experience is safeguarded by the cashier presence. Also HybridCheckout offers a fast checkout and a very easy to use self-service system that may be used by virtually anyone.

Is it a self-service checkout when as cashier is present at all times? In fact, the standard self-service checkouts also require an attendant (or cashier if you like) to be operated. The HybridCheckout advantage is that the cashier is present to assist all the time. Rather than having an attendant that needs to roam between self-service checkouts, the cashier time is efficiently utilized in the checkout itself.

HybridCheckout does not only maintain the all-important cashier and customer relationship, but it also virturally eliminates self-service problems like theft, scale cheating, age control requirements, sales of alcohol and other restricted articles.

The below photo shows how fast and easy a fruit is handed over to the cashier to be weighed. No need to call for an attendant or waste time looking up articles in a "labyrinth" like menus.

HybridCheckout allows coupons to be easily processed and there's no need for the customer to call for a self-service attendant or risk to be standing next to a blinking red light or be exposed negatively.

A proof of concept test and the post-test survey questionnaire confirmed that cashiers and customers found that HybridCheckout equipment and process were easy to understand and use. Also, the post-test questionnaire responses clearly confirmed that HybridCheckout would be the checkout method of preference by the customers.

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HybridCheckout in essence is about building the best customer loyalty.