Fastest checkout


A quick and easy checkout is important to support the best customer experience. Fortunately a quick checkout also translates into high efficiency and a very high throughput when using HybridCheckout.

HybridCheckout combines a cashier serviced checkout with self-scanning into a dual-speed process, allowing speeds of up to one item scanned per second!

The cashier may service one customer while the next is scanning items, thereby removing much of the waiting time experienced by the customers and as a result a doubled checkout speed may be achieved.

A proof of concept test proved that a HybridCheckout performance of 1700 to 1900 items processed per hour (payment inclusive) could be achieved, while a standard checkout process did allow for 1050 items per hour to be processed.

Read more about the proof of concept testing here

Process simulations shows that HybridCheckout has an average performance of 1620 items processed per hour (payment inclusive), while a standard checkout typically allow for 777 items per hour to be processed. HybridCheckout is as a result of the improved process 60% to 110% faster than a standard checkout.

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The below graph shows the simulations results: